Prohibited Items

Showgrounds Self Storage Strictly Prohibits The Storage Of:

NO flammables.

NO hazardous items or items that will produce an odor.

NO food. Do not store perishable items.

NO living things.

NO stolen items

NO drugs or paraphernalia.

NO Firearms

The staff of Showgrounds Self Storage has the right to refuse the storage of ANY item they deem unfit for storage. These are items that could directly effect the facility, tenants or staffs safety.

Showgrounds Self Storage is a self storage facility. Our units are to be used for the sole purpose of the safe storage of items; including boxes, furniture etc. They are not to be lived in, used to hold garage sales, used as a band practice facility, used as a garage work center or for ANY illegal use of any-kind. The staff of Showgrounds Self Storage has the right to refuse the use of their facility for any reason of any kind as they see fit.